Problems With Earth

There is something wrong with the World today, or is it just me ?… Nothing seems to make sense, everything is all confused, the World is messed up, nobody is telling the Truth, Hatred has gone rampant, people are playing very dangerous games, maybe tomorrow it will all make sense but today I am clueless about everything.

United Airlines

Now this is just TOTALLY WRONG, it seems the Airlines overbooked and after trying to bribe customers failed they forcibly removed a Doctor from the plane.. I think everyone on that plane should sue United, there were even children on the plane who I am sure had a few fears about flying already…


Day Dreaming

Well after all these years I have finally decided what kind of sail boat I would like to have if my Day Dreams ever came true— A Formosa — they are designed to look like traditional Sail Boats, Beautiful style, Rich wood work in the cabins, nice Galley’s and Heads, and sleeping cabins.. they look like HOME..LOL And even the smaller craft – 35 foot look roomier than most Sail Boats…

California ——–

The State is increasing their tax on Gasoline and Registration of Vehicles — The Price of Groceries will go up because of the price of Gas, they are pushing out the retiree’s on fixed incomes (like myself), maybe my Day Dream would be a logical way to leave this state and find an more economical life style, but I know this justification isn’t enough for Geneva, so it will just remain a Day Dream.


Last night President Trump bombed a Syrian Military Base with 59 Cruise Missiles in retaliation of President Assad using Nerve Gas on his citizens, we demolished the Military Base and it can no longer be used for loading their planes with Nerve Gas.. I hate War but one thing for sure, civilized people do not use nerve gas on their citizens and I do feel that The United States striking out against those who slaughter the defenseless is the right thing to do, and eliminating the Syrian Government ability to use these types of weapons is not a act of war but a act of Peace for all humanity, Trump’s choice of this target was humane and just and it is what we the people of this country truly stand for — so if you disagree with that — well you can stuff it for all I care.

Snow Melt

Well it’s obvious that the snow up in the high country is melting off, this is the Southern Kern River Bridge, I took Freedom for a walk along the River up at Kernville, the Kern is up high and it still hasn’t been warm yet, so look out later down the line there will be a lot of ¬†water coming from the High Country this year.

Southern Kern River Bridge-web


  1. Without a Fence your Neighbor’s Goats will eat all your Corn.
  2. Without a Fence your Neighbor’s Chihuahua will Rape Your Toy Poodle.
  3. This is why Fences are Good.